About Us

CLH and our member practices serve a population of over 200,000 people, with the day-time population including workers and tourists may be up to 1 million. The area has a large population of young working age residents and very few children, as well as high levels of international migration and cultural diversity, with rich and poor living side by side.

Formed in 2006, the GP Federation Central London Healthcare is a community interest company which is owned and run by local primary care clinicians as a not for profit company to improve health and wellbeing in Westminster.

Central London Healthcare has an elected Executive Board of Directors which is made up of GPs, Practice Managers and Practice Nurses from member practices as well as a patient representative. Each Central London Healthcare GP practice has an elected representative on the CLH council who attends the organisation’s Annual General Meeting. We also have a patient partnership panel which helps to keep us grounded in what our local patients want from the services we provide.

We believe a GP federation strikes a good balance between traditional values of relatively small practices which many patients appreciate, whilst bringing the advantages of working at scale and the ability to collaborate on services which cannot practically be provided in smaller settings. Additionally, this is positive for skill sharing and interpersonal learning and the dissemination of best practice. This will ensure the delivery of excellence in General Practice.

Our Vision:   We want to be recognised as a leading GP provider network, run by clinicians for the benefit of our local population.  We will achieve this by working with patients and partners to ensure that general practice remains sustainable and independent.